Why we exist 

Inclusive Journalism is born from an urgent feeling to change the discussion about media representation. We believe inclusion is needed to create fair, trustworthy and engaging journalism, not a radical point of view, right? We don’t believe inclusion is rocket science, it just takes the right effort and determination from people in powerful and privileged positions who are willing to look critically at themselves and at the existing frameworks in place that hold back change.

We want to guide you in developing listening skills and self-reflection, inspire you with and make you learn from workflows, community building and innovation outside of the dominant western media landscape, and help you apply the Solutions Journalism method that makes stories inclusive and equitable.

What we do

Who we are

Inclusive Journalism is founded by Dutch journalist Sanne Breimer after the global Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 when ‘media diversity’ became a hot topic (again).
Sanne worked as an editor-in-chief in inclusive media for ten years in (semi-) Public Broadcasting in The Netherlands and was confronted with her own biases and blind spots as a white woman working in journalism. She worked as a manager for organisations like FunX Radio, NPO Lab, Omroep Human, and Draper Startup House. Besides her work in media, she studied yoga, Vipassana meditation, holistic lifestyle coaching and decoloniality. 

We work location-independent between Europe and Southeast Asia. Our team currently exists of an artist/graphic designer from Japan, a journalist and consultant from Singapore, a writer and lecturer from Indonesia, a video editor and animator from the Czech Republic, a journalist from The Philippines and a graphic designer and journalist from The Netherlands.

Most of our work is done online because it enables us to collaborate across borders. Besides that, we love to travel. 

We believe Western journalists and newsrooms can learn a lot from what is happening in The East.  We adopt a resilience approach to online learning (by Studio Blended).

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“Sanne created our digital content strategy. She brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the table! We were lucky to work with her”

Anrike Visser (Global Ground Media) 

“Sanne uses her analytical talent as well as her creative intelligence to lay the foundation for our digital strategy. Together with her extensive managerial experience, it was a great pleasure working with her”.

Willemien van Aalst, Omroep Human

“It was a pleasure to work with Sanne. She is sharp as a knife, persistent in a good way and an assertive sparring partner with a strategic journalist view on projects”

Kris Sloot, NPO


Where our money comes from
We are self-funded, supported by the training, project management and consultancy work we do in journalism for clients like Sembra Media, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Transitions (TOL), and the European Journalism Centre (EJC).
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Our opinion about making money with inclusion work
We are aware of the discussion within the anti-racism community about the fact that white people should not make money with anti-racism work or take in space that is meant to be for Black journalists or journalists of colour. Our inclusion work is covering our costs and does not focus on making a profit. Besides that, we always collaborate with people of colour to make sure our team is inclusive and to make space wherever and whenever possible.


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