Why we exist 

Inclusive Journalism is born from an urgent feeling to change the discussion about media representation. We believe inclusion is needed to create fair, trustworthy and engaging journalism, not a radical point of view, right? We don’t believe inclusion is rocket science, it just takes the right effort and determination from people in powerful and privileged positions who are willing to look critically at themselves and at the existing frameworks in place that hold back change.  

We are here to help you develop listening skills and self-reflection, to inspire you with and learn from workflows, community building and innovation outside of the dominant western media landscape, and to apply the Solutions Journalism method that helps to make stories inclusive and equitable. 

What we do

  • Training in Inclusive Journalism, Solutions Journalism and Digital Strategy;
  • 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring of journalists, activists, media managers, startup founders;
  • Consultancy and inspiration sessions for newsrooms, media startups, and content organisations (NGOs);
  • Education for journalism students, journalism schools and press institutes.

Who we are

Sanne Breimer is the founder of Inclusive Journalism.
She was previously Head of Media for Draper Startup House, Head of Digital for Dutch public broadcaster Human, programme manager for NPO Innovation Lab, and an Editor-in-Chief, producer, reporter and presenter for radiostation and multimedia platform FunX.

Sanne works with a team of freelancers from
India, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Uganda.

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