Why we exist 

Inclusive Journalism is born from an urgent feeling to change the discussion about media representation. We believe inclusion is needed to create fair, trustworthy and engaging journalism, not a radical point of view, right? We don’t believe inclusion is rocket science, it just takes the right effort and determination from people in powerful and privileged positions who are willing to look critically at themselves and at the existing frameworks in place that hold back change.  

Who we are

Inclusive Journalism is founded by Dutch journalist Sanne Breimer after the global Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 when ‘media diversity’ became a hot topic (again).
We work location-independent between Europe and Southeast Asia.
Most of our work is done online because it enables us to collaborate across borders. Besides that, we love to travel. 
We believe Western journalists and newsrooms can learn a lot from what is happening in The East.  We adopt a resilience approach to online learning.

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The weekly newsletter about Inclusive Journalism focuses on approaching the challenges of our time in a manageable and digestible way, and asks ‘What can you do?’. It curates the news about media representation from a constructive perspective.

Decoloniality is like the seed that cracks concrete.

Catherine Walsh – lecturer at the Maria Lugones Decolonial Summerschool