Instagram course

Do you want to know how to tell journalistic, inclusive stories on Instagram?

The 2020 Reuters Institute Digital News report predicts that Instagram will overtake Twitter as a news source. The platform offers huge opportunities for trustworthy and good-quality storytelling. Now is your chance to learn all about this fast-growing social media platform and apply the same storytelling technique on Facebook Stories, Whatsapp Status, and LinkedIn Stories.



What do you get out of this course?

  • A clear vision about your ‘Why’ and what you’ll gain from using the platform;
  • An understanding of the problem you’re solving for your audience; 
  • Tips & tricks for your content planning and the right mindset to execute it;
  • Tools for building an inclusive community through engagement;
  • Lots of journalistic storytelling inspiration and examples from international media companies, NGOs, politicians and influencers. 

How does it work?

You can acces the course on the Inclusive Journalism Academy platform

The course exists of: 
– 7 modules of 7 videos;
– 1-2 hours of work for each module;
– 7 assignments for practising;
– 7 quizes about the content;
– a community on Instagram for all your questions + individual feedback.


What do you need?

  • a positive mindset;
  • a laptop or mobile phone, and an Instagram account;
  • about 7-15 hours of your valuable time to finish the course.

Why follow a course if you can find all the knowledge by Googling?

It’s not so much about KNOWING everything, it’s more about DOING it. This course helps you to get started or to continue and structure your activities on Instagram. Besides that, the possibilities in the digital world are endless nowadays and there is a lot of competition. More than ever you need to find your own authentic voice and creativity. And that’s exactly the guidance you’ll get through this course.

Why choose me?

I combine my love for journalism with my management & coaching skills. I know behavior change takes time and sometimes a different mindset is needed.

– Am I the best journalist out there? No. 
– Am I the most knowledgable person about Instagram? No. 
– Am I the greatest storyteller alive? No.

What I DO bring to the course is huge enthusiasm to make you successful, years of experience in inclusive journalism (strategy and storytelling), professional management & coaching skills and an authentic talent for community engagement.



Who is the course for?

This course is for journalists, activists, NGOs employees, politicians, social media editors/managers, newsroom managers and everyone who wants to tell meaningful stories and make the best use of Instagram to do so.
Members of the Asian Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Dutch politicians and ambassadors and freelance journalists from Asia, Europe and the US are amongst the participants of the course so far. 


“I enjoyed this course and so appreciated all of the examples you provided. You gave me much to think about and I’m more excited than fearful now to plan for how to integrate Instagram into my work. Thank you for creating such a fabulous IG course for journalists!”
Hélène Biandudi Hofer, Journalist and multimedia content creator,
New York, the United States (2022)  

“It was a super interesting way to deliver a course! The daily stories snuck into my instagram routine.”
Stewart, ABC Radio Australia (2021)

“Through this course I realized how a single story can lead people to your platform easily. My social media world was limited mostly to Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube. Here I realized how creative you can be on IG”.
Muz, All India Radio (2021)

“I recommend it to journalists, because it’s (one of) the most updated and fashionable way to edit news”
Chi, China Radio International (2021)

“It is very helpful for new-comers to Instagram.”
Shirley, All India Radio (2020)

“It is short and on-the-go! Perfectly suiting the nature of the TG”
Parami, MTV Sri Lanka (2020)

“Its a very nice course for beginners and also for people who are developing a strategy for their account. Its easy to understand, I like the layout and how it works in general.”
Writer of book on instagram for journalists in Germany (2020)