Inspiration session

Book a 45 min. inspiration session (by donation), when: 

  • you feel less inspired about your work lately and urgently need a brainstorm session for new ideas
  • you are looking for an outsider’s perspective (and honest constructive opinion) on what you’re doing
  • you feel you’re going in the right direction but you just need some confirmation
  • you struggle with your work-life balance and need some advice on how to align your private and professional life 
  • working remotely is new to you and you’d love some tips on productivity 




Some of the people who’ve rented my brain: 

  • A media startup founder who wanted advice on digital content strategy; 
  • A newsroom manager who got a burnout and was looking for a pivot in his career; 
  • A freelance journalist based abroad who needed advice on working remotely far from home; 
  • A mental health journalist and researcher who was looking for a European view on the topic of his research; 
  • A diversity consultant in public broadcasting who wanted to get inspired by my inclusion approach;  
  • A novelist who wanted to know the possibilities of Instagram. 

trust your intuition 

There is a ton of information that will answer your questions available through Google. Most of the time, it’s not about a lack of knowledge that people don’t succeed in what they do. Self-confidence and trust in your own capacities is key. I focus on:Intuition

  • Learning when to listen to your gut feeling (and when you shouldn’t ☺️); 
  • Getting to know yourself better; 
  • Setting boundaries and create discipline;  

Know your core values 

The key to creating a successful work-life is to keep on going and not give up. Which can be hard if you’re not aware of what is holding you back. And just to be clear: success isn’t defined here as ‘creating a 6-figure business in less than 3 months’. Success means that you accomplish your own aim or goal. I always focus on a clear goal for you to reach: 

  • Define your core values, create a strong foundation;
  • Solution focused (SMART goals);
  • Your own unique approach; 
  • Deal with your inner struggle.  

Be more inclusive 

Since Black Lives Matter we can’t stay silent about racism anymore. But how to implement inclusion in your work? Being inclusive is about an authentic commitment to diversity (in people and perspectives) and equity (in policy and practice). I guide you in creating an action plan towards making your work inclusive.  

  • practical tools and advice on how to create an inclusive business;
  • discovering the root causes of possible discomfort around this topic;
  • challenging your biases and prejudices with compassion. 

Why call me?

  • I’ve been a manager in media organizations for 10 years and I love guiding people in their career; 
  • I’ve studied holistic lifestyle coaching and know how to create healthy lifestyle with less stress; 
  • I’ve experienced going from a corporate to freelance entrepreneurship; IMG_7052
  • I went through all of the dilemmas written above and I’ve developed tools to help others do the same;  
  • I started developing my spiritual practice 11 years ago as a hobby and know through several yoga teacher trainings and a Vipassana meditation practice how to yin and yang your daily life;  
  • I understand the principles of building a strong foundation for your business or work and the importance of your ‘why’, the ‘who’, the problem you’re solving, the long term strategy and planning;
  • I work remotely in Asia since 2019 and know how to deal with change, setbacks and not having your love ones around.

    Read more about me here

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a 45 minute call in the calendar below;
  2. I’ll reach out to you to confirm the time and date and show you the donation options; 
  3. After the session is finished you decide what it was worth for you and transfer your donation. 

Why is it donation based?

First of all, sessions like these sometimes happen spontaneously over a coffee and I organize this from an enthusiasm to support other people with what I’ve learned throughout the years. 
Secondly, I’d like you to think about the value of knowledge and experience. Sometimes you get an important insight through one podcast that you didn’t get in visiting a therapist for ten sessions. And in other cases you might learn a lot from one conversation with a coach that you didn’t learn in a 10-week course on the same topic. 

If you’re interested in further guidance through a coaching program (5-7 sessions) or regular mentoring sessions, we can discuss that and I’ll make up a proposal that fits your situation.