Let’s be honest, we’re all wopke

Judging individuals for their part in the Pandora Papers takes the focus off the root cause Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra invested in a safari-startup in Africa called Asilia Africa and emerged in the Pandora Papers because of the British Virgin Islands bank account connected to the project. Obviously, journalists and opinion makers criticize the … Continue reading Let’s be honest, we’re all wopke

Why a decolonial context to the Pandora Papers is needed

A deep dive into colonial history helps journalists to understand the root of the problem. It’s five and a half years ago when 11.5 million leaked documents with personal financial information about wealthy individuals and public officials were published in The Panama Papers. A month later, in May 2016, the whistleblower who leaked the documents … Continue reading Why a decolonial context to the Pandora Papers is needed


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